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Nefarious Artists, by Welly Artcore

Nefarious Artists, by Welly Artcore

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Long before online streaming and even TV music videos, that were beyond the reach of many new bands outside of a lucky spin on the radio, the compilation became the most effective way to access, and be accessed by, the eager new ears and inquisitive minds of the then new punk generation. ‘Nefarious Artists’ is a field study of over 500 punk rock, post-punk, new wave, hardcore punk, and alternative rock compilations from their beginnings in 1976 as major label samplers and live showcases of the ‘new wave’ through their rapid evolution into a documentary art form of D.I.Y. punk rock creativity and expression.

‘Nefarious Artists’ by Welly of Artcore Fanzine (est. 1986) charts the genesis, evolution and art of the punk rock, post-punk, new wave, hardcore punk, and alternative rock compilation vinyl record from 1976 to 1989. Each compilation is discussed and reviewed with accompanying high resolution full colour scans of all the cover art and much more to provide both context and as a journey through the international punk rock music and developing scene of the late 1970s and ‘80s. The compilation record played a pivotal role in the spread of the idea and conversation of the independent punk underground and now remain as audio and visual time capsules that capture the zeitgeist of the music, scene and era.

Featuring background information on the compilations, as well in depth descriptions of the style of the musical content of each one, read as the early major label sampler and live showcase of punk rock and new wave slowly evolved into a burgeoning independent post-punk scene that gradually changed the compilation into an underground labour of love for a developing international underground hardcore punk network. Compilation records for specific cities, countries and causes from labels that went onto global notoriety or merely managed one obscure release are discussed over its 400 plus pages.

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