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Little Yellow Lies: On the Run Eating by Ming the Merciless

Little Yellow Lies: On the Run Eating by Ming the Merciless

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Little Yellow Lies: On the Road Eating is the first book from Ming the Merciless. Based on true events. 

Growing up in East New York as the son of Korean immigrants, Ming learned to navigate some of the city’s most dangerous streets with a predator’s keen and ruthless instinct. His early life was marked by violence, hustling, and juvenile correctional facilities, and it didn’t take long for him to learn how the system was geared against him. Coming home after a bid for strong-armed robbery was when he decided to change his life.

Ming presents his life through the eyes of Mike Lee, just home from prison and trying to make a life for himself. The obstacles Mike faces and his handling of them dictate the course of his life as he tries to better himself and find a place in this world. While trying to get his life straight, a series of events leads Mike down a familiar path. He becomes a fugitive trying to survive and keep one step ahead of incarceration while searching for peace and a “normal” life. As Mike deals with the consequences of his actions, he finds himself at a crossroads: redemption or recidivism.

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