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A Country Fit For Heroes : DIY Punk in Eighties Britain, by Ian Glasper

A Country Fit For Heroes : DIY Punk in Eighties Britain, by Ian Glasper

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Primarily collecting the stories of over 140 UK punk bands from the eighties who only released EPs and demos, or only appeared on compilation LPs, ‘A Country Fit for Heroes: DIY punk in eighties Britain’ is a celebration of the obscure, a love letter to the UK’s punk underground. 

Featuring the likes of The Mad Are Sane, Act of Defiance, Solvent Abuse, Assassins of Hope, Dead Rose, Brigandage, Mania, Asylum, Chaos, Seventh Plague, Nox Mortis, Devoid, Revulsion, Carnage, Organized Chaos, Disarm, Corpse, Death Sentence, Mass of Black, On Parole, Anorexia, Indian dream, ethnic minority, the syphletix, post mortem, the accursed, leukaemia, criminal damage, Faction, The Dismembered, Hostile Youth, Life Cycle, Potential Threat, No Defences, Passion Killers, X-Cretas, Pseudo Sadists, Impact, Scorched Earth, Outrage, Sanctuary, Vex, Karma Sutra, Disattack, Political Reform and Vortex, to name but a few, ‘A Country Fit For Heroes’ plugs the gaps in Ian Glasper’s first three books on UK punk in the eighties, performing a truly deep dive into that volatile subculture to create a more complete historical document of a most turbulent time.

With a foreword by Chris Berry, co-founder of No Future Records, this is an essential read for anyone with more than a passing interest in the UK’s grass roots punk scene. 

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