DiWulf News and Updates - Summer/Fall 2023

DiWulf News and Updates - Summer/Fall 2023

Hello, friends!

Amy & Steve here, bringing you another update on the goings-on here at DiWulf. Summer is in full swing and we’ve got some books to tell you about!

First up – out now and ready to ship: Don’t Ever Punch a Rock Star: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors – The Expanded, 10th

Anniversary Edition. Perfect summer reading! We’ve brought back Danny Marianino’s first book (previously out of print) and added a whole lot of new stuff to it. Danny, best known for his mighty one-punch knockout of the macabre misfit, Glenn Danzig, chronicles the insane amount of hate mail he received in the wake of slumping Glenn one fateful night in Tuba City. In the 10 years since the book’s first publication, the vitriol and grammatically challenged death threats have only gotten worse (and funnier!). Danny’s added a ton of new photos, new stories, a forward by Gloria Cavalera, and, of course, more hate!!!! Go back and relive the night the lights went out in Tuba City. 

Here's a book we are VERY excited about: Pushed Beyond All Reasonable Limits: The Music Photography of Brian D. Garrity. This big, beautiful coffeetable book is jam-packed with an amazing collection of photographs from the days when photojournalists were often embedded with artists throughout a tour. Brian, whose work has appeared in the pages of Rolling Stone, Spin, and Alternative Press, among others, and his body of work is stunning. Tons of live and portrait shots of some of the biggest artists and tours of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Radiohead, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Marilyn Manson, Rollins, Deftones, Offspring, Motorhead, Ice Cube, The Breeders, Hole, Lunachicks, The Melvins, The Jesus Lizard, Garbage, Rancid, Soul Asylum, Bad Brains and so many more groundbreaking artists. Pushed is slated for a September 4th release date and you can pre-order your copy now from DiWulf.

And don’t forget – right now we are putting the finishing touches on Mike

Magrann’s Channel 3 book, Miles Per Gallon. The book, written as a novel, is a literary masterpiece. The tale of CH3’s summer, 1983 tour is so much more than a “band book,” and showcases Mike’s prodigious talent as a writer. Filled with pathos, humor, drunken adolescent revelry, and lots of punk rock, Mike’s beautifully written first book is both history and an examination of American culture while describing the adventures of van life, using maps and stolen calling card numbers to mount a North American tour. In it, Mike explores themes of alienation and outsider-ness by relating the story of his Japanese mother and grandmother and their time spent in American internment camps during WWII. Culled from hazy memory and dashboard journal entries, Miles Per Gallon is a poignant, funny, inspiring read. Think a punk rock Catcher in the Rye meets Stand By Me meets The Air Conditioned Nightmare. Slated for release Autumn, 2023. Pre-order info coming soon.

Work continues on the mammoth oral history project documenting the existence

of one of Pennsylvania’s most storied venues – John & Peter’s in New Hope, PA. Authors Amy Yates Wuelfing, Joan Arkuszewski and Loren Hunt have been collecting archives and interviews for years about J&P’s, all culminating in a definitive oral history about the eclectic venue and the people behind it. Interview subjects range from Ween to George Thorogood to Murphy’s Law to Frank Stallone. Still Drinkin' & Smokin', Rockin' & Rollin': An Oral History of John & Peter’s is now available for pre-order.


We are very excited to announce our new partnership with UK publisher Earth Island Books! These are some right geezers whom we’ve been friends with for

a few years now, and this partnership, which always seemed inevitable, is now official. We have begun carrying some of their fantastic titles, making them available in the US with much cheaper shipping rates. They now have some of our books, making it much easier for our friends overseas to get DiWulf titles. Earth Island and DiWulf share the same mission and founding principles. Check out our Earth Island titles here.



That’s all our new stuff. Don’t forget our other DiWulf books and merch:



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