Seminal ‘80s Punk and Hardcore ‘Zine, Hard Times given its due with this new anthology comprised of EVERY issue

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In the works for 34 years! The Hard Times magazine anthology is wrapping up! It will include the original seven issues, plus the “lost” issue - #8. (Number 8 wasn’t printed due to a lack of funds.) It will also include interviews with the Publisher and Editor, Ron Gregorio, as well as awesome punk rock photos never seen before!


Ska Boom! An Oral History About the Birth of American Ska & Reggae 1976-1991 by Marc Wasserman

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Marc Wasserman is a true student of Ska and Reggae. His love for the culture and the music have led to musical career that has lasted for decades, from early outfits like Panic, which eventually became Bigger Thomas to recent incarnations Heavensbee and Rude Boy George. Marc is considered to be part of the very first Ska outfit from the state of New Jersey. Marc’s dedication and perseverance are evident in the pages he’s amassed thus far. Several chapters deep, and the narrative threads are being tied together in a most satisfying and interesting way. Marc has conducted over 125 interviews so far with artists like Mephiskapheles, Chuck Askerneese and Kevin Long of the Untouchables, The Boilers, Blue Riddim Band, The Hooters, and many more. For Marc, this book is a true labor of love and a testament to the indelible influence these early Ska outfits had on the culture.


Los Punks by Angela Boatwright

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Angela Boatwright is highly respected photographer, filmmaker, and historian. Angela’s 2016 documentary, Los Punks: We Are All We Have garnered critical praise and was a smash on the film festival circuit. Angela is hard at work on a companion book to her film and it delves even deeper into the East L.A. backyard punk scene she covered in Los Punks. Angela promises the book will go further in-depth into the scene and the culture and will include contributions of essays, photos, and ephemera from bands and artists in the scene. She aims to add updates on the bands and the kids from her film and plans to take a deep sociological look at Latino culture in the Los Angeles punk scene.