DiWulf Unveils Cover for Philly Punk Rock Book by Nancy Barile

Barile Cover.jpg

Here is the first look at a new book we are very excited to be publishing. Nancy Barile’s Hold My Coat? Not in Philly: The True Story of a Female Punk Pioneer is the story of one of Philadelphia’s original punks and documents the beginning of the Philly scene through the memories and adventures of one of its earliest participants. The photo of Nancy was taken by Rikki Ercoli and the layout of the cover was designed by Jason Barletta, a renowned tattoo and fine artist, and a former student of Nancy’s.

I was 20, and I had just gotten my first apartment in Philly, and my entire world was opening up...
— Nancy Barile

The cover has special meaning for Nancy as she explains: “I love the juxtaposition of Independence Hall (because of my connection to Benjamin Franklin) with the Rikki Ercoli photo of me on Chestnut Street because it captures me seeking my own independence at that time.”

Hold My Coat? Not in Philly is the culmination of Nancy’s experiences in the burgeoning punk and hardcore scene and how those experiences helped shape her, as both a person and an educator. It is filled with adventure and insight and the vitality of being young and discovering an entirely new world of freedom and expression.

“I was 20, and I had just gotten my first apartment in Philly, and my entire world was opening up,” explains Nancy. “I was meeting an eclectic group of people: punks, artists, students, skateboarders, and musicians, and I was experiencing the city on my own for the first time.”

At the crux of Nancy’s story is the idea of participation; of eschewing the imposed roles of society, education, and gender. The depiction of Nancy as a young, carefree teenager roaming through Philadelphia embodies this.

“I also like how the photo of me from Punk Fest I is superimposed on the top part of the cover because pulling off Punk Fest I with [Philly band] Sadistic Exploits was one of the happiest days of my life, and it was an empowering moment that showed me what I could do,” Nancy continues. “In addition, I love the other photo by Allison Schnackenberg that is superimposed on the bottom half of the photo because hanging out with Allison at CBGBs reminds me of all the crazy things that she and I did together and all the fun experiences I had being part of the punk/hardcore scene in the early 1980s.”

And, in a nod to the loyalty that is a hallmark of the punk scene, a former student of Nancy’s, Jason Barletta, was enlisted to put it all together.

“I love the fact that a former student at the high school where I teach created this cover for me because it ties the past with my present very nicely, and it helps to remind me of my roots and the reason I do the work that I do now.”

Work continues on Hold My Coat? Not in Philly, as both the author and the editor put the finishing touches on this unique and timely book. DiWulf expects a late-2018/early 2019 release date.