DiWulf Publishing House is Now Accepting Unsolicited Book Proposals

ATTENTION WRITERS: DiWulf Publishing House, the leader in independent publishing, is now accepting unsolicited proposals for new book projects. 

DiWulf logo Black.jpg

We are looking for our next few projects. We specialize in subculture and are looking for non-fiction projects (no children's books, chick lit, memoirs, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) for publishing. We are looking for finished or near-complete manuscripts whose subject matter is anything outside mainstream culture. Our vision is to document and celebrate subculture in its many facets. If this sounds like something you've been working on and can't find a publisher for, we might be just what you need. DiWulf operates similarly to an indie record label: that pretty much means you won't make any money. But, if you're project is right for us, what you will get is a dedicated team of experienced publishers with a strong distribution network, who will champion your work and stand behind your book.

Please send proposals in PDF format to steven.dilodovico@mail.com along with all pertinent contact info. If what you submit is right for us we will contact you.