Urban Styles Release Delayed: New Release Date 11/15/17

Due to an unforeseen shipping error on the part of the printer, DiWulf Publishing House regrets to inform you that the release of Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore by Freddy Alva has been delayed. We are very sorry about this situation, but, as it stands, it is out of our hands right now. Unfortunately this situation extends to those who ordered through the DiWulf website as well as all Amazon orders. We are just sick about this and we humbly apologize to everyone who is currently waiting on their copy as well as to Freddy. Being that we are a very small, independent press, we do not have the manpower to oversee every bit of logistics as we should, and that is on us. But, rest assured; the books are on their way to our warehouse, and the very second they arrive we will get them out to you and will fulfill EVERY order as fast as is humanly possible. We gratefully appreciate your patience and understanding and we promise we will make this up to you and you will have your book in hand as soon as we get it. We thank you for your continued support. This is a new venture for us and we are kind of learning as we go, and this is the unfortunate side of doing things DIY. Sometimes shit happens, and, believe me, we have been agonizing over this ever since we learned about the shipping problem. While we are VERY happy with the print and design job they did, the  printers' shipping process leaves a lot to be desired. But, we promise you: you will NOT be disappointed once you finally see how amazing the book turned out, it truly is a work of art and we believe it is worth the wait. Once again, we are deeply sorry for this inconvenience and we promise we will get the book out to you as soon as we can. We cannot thank you enough for your support and understanding

-Steve and Amy

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